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Whether to balance, meditate, or feel connected, we have Infrared heated classes that serve your well being.

Tribe Flow®


As A Tribe We Flow to a vinyasa sequence paired to a fun, loud, and very explicit Hip-Hop playlist. Tribe Flow Hip-Hop is a fluid physical yoga practice that’s sure to keep your heart pumping! Ideal for practitioners who have intermediate practice as the instructor practices with the class and gives minimal instruction (this is class is not recommended for novice yoga practitioners). Explore your individual practice with an open mind while flowing and sweating it out to the hottest/classic beats.

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Tribe Flow®


Tribe Flow Vinyasa classes are intermediate to advanced level for students ready for a Yogic adventure! This class includes sequencing into more advanced asanas and moves at a more dynamic pace. Explore more advance poses at a more energetic tempo.

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Tribe Flow®


This class is favored by beginners and experienced yogis alike. Tribe Flow Restorative helps balance the sympathetic (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems through fully supported poses that allow each student to deeply relax the muscles of the body. Experience disengaging the muscles through gravitational surrender while quieting the mind by focusing on the breath. The heated room and the emphasis on maintaining focus of the poses for longer intervals helps the body open, lengthen and restore the connective tissue to its natural state all by using breath and body awareness.
Each restorative pose is held anywhere from 1-2 minutes encouraging students to “let go” of any chronic tension and anxiety.

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Tribe Flow Vinyasa Foundations class is ideal for the novice practitioner. Expect a short-slower paced alignment yoga foundations focused class inspired by the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga method. The pose sequence is a beneficial feature for yogis who want to work continually on set postures and keep track of their progress. Expect to experience focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness, and breath. Come as you are and lead with your heart!

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Yoga Shama offers private group classes. Private yoga classes can be great for bachelorette parties, corporate takeovers, influencers events, and birthday gatherings.
To schedule your private yoga class, please fill out the form on our Corporate Wellness Page.