Our #1 priority at Yoga Shama is the health and safety of our Yoga Shama community.
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In light of the current circumstances, we are aligning with other global institutions and organizations to do our part to limit the spread of this virus. We want to share the procedures and best practices that we always take and have intensely increased our already rigorous disinfecting cleaning routine done each day in order to maintain the safety and well-being of our tribe community of yogis and committed staff.

We strive to create a safe space for all to practice. We are intensely monitoring and strictly following the advice and direction from the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization)for the most current information as to how to respond to COVID-19.

We may be reducing the number of classes we’re offering on our schedule.

Proactive steps we are taking to keep our studio clean and safe for clients and staff:

  • Team members are cleaning thoroughly using disinfecting and cleaning yoga props, door handles, floors, restroom as well as surfaces.
  • Yoga Shama uses infrared heat which can powerfully assist the body kill bacteria and remove toxins.
  • Yoga Shama uses exhaust fans to remove moisture after every class.
  • Yoga Shama staff use botanical medical-grade cleaning disinfectant to sanitize yoga mats immediately after each use.
  • Instructors are not offering hands-on adjustments during class.
  • Yoga Shama staff wear medical-grade gloves during all daily & deep cleaning procedures.
  • We wash all towels using high heat dryers, specifically effective for killing germs and bacteria.
  • As we aim to minimize risk, we have temporarily suspended the use of props, such as blocks as well as rental of mats to minimize shared surfaces. We urge you to kindly please bring your own yoga block to support your practice as well as your own mat (for your convenience, we have mats and blocks available for purchase).
  • We cannot stress the importance of listening to your body enough both on and off the mat. If you are not feeling well, please kindly remain home and do not attend class until you return to 100% optimum health. If you need to reschedule a class around concerns of being sick, please email us, our team is happy to help.

We recommend that you continue to follow universal health guidelines, use practical outer means and common-sense methods to stay healthy, mindful and connected and urge you to have a positive attitude.

Proactive steps clients are encouraged to take when practicing at the studio:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water with at least 20 seconds.
  • Cough into your arms rather than out in the open.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after class, found at the front desk and bathroom.
  • Bring an extra towel to wipe off your mat.
  • Clean your mat after class with our botanical medical-grade disinfectant solution, available in the studio.

The Yoga Shama Team of teachers and staff is joyful to be of service and help you stay healthy and safe when you step into our studio so that you may have the best experience with our tribe community of yogis. We will make our best efforts to keep all classes as scheduled by proving substitute support staff if or when a teacher may be unable to teach due to strenuous circumstances. All changes will be immediately reflected online through Mindbody and through the YS website’s online Mindbody schedule. We encourage you to stay mindful and to do a quick double check before coming to class. Don’t hesitate and feel free to stay connected with us with any feedback, questions or concerns in person, via phone or online.

Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all to practice. The Yoga Shama Team is grateful to continue to be of service and support you in your path for growth and transformation through the continuous practice of yoga.